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We are proud of sharing our know-how with our esteemed customers. In case our customers ask for any technical consulting about pre-press, press or after press progresses, it will be our pleasure to provide the most proper solution to our customer as soon as possible.

To provide this service, we can provide;

In-house consulting,

We can try to find the best proper solutions in our customers’  own production site with our technical staff while observing the pre-press preparations,  printing conditions, machines and after print progresses. Then  we can share our findings with our esteemed customers’ technical staff during the required job is on print. Thus we can achieve a consistent development in our customers’ printing houses.

On-Site consulting

Clarus Ink’ s expert team checks your parameters according to the information which has been provided by your technical staff and then analyze the progress. Then recommendations are shared with you to achieve the best possible efficiency in your print-house.

Color Management Support & Consulting

Clarus Ink has a laboratory which has been endowed with equipments that have  highest technological level. So, when our customers are going to print for high-precision needed jobs, then it is important to feel safe with necessary visual and technical parameters. At that point, we are next to you with our color management tools and knowledge in order to make you saving time, waste inks, laborship and support your facility’ s efficiency.

Ink Consumption Efficiency

It is very important when it comes to time and cost efficiency. By sharing our experiences, we try to improve your time losses, recipe production time, reduce your waste-ink quantity.

Ink Operation System Changes

Ink operation is a very important progress in a print-house. It is a very precise period to change the operation system from one to another. The change of ink system is a very critical progress where it should be handled and followed in detail. So, in order to save your time from the risk of changing each and every recipe, we are next to you to make necessary analysis and make you having a change period with less trouble as possible.

Technical Support 

Clarus Inks will be so proud to give necessary technical training to your staff about below mentioned topics:

  • Ink usage
  • Machine parameters
  • Optimization for performance and job transitions
  • Trouble-shooting at first-glance
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Test methods & instruments
  • Printed job safety
  • After press progresses (lamination, sealing etc.)

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